The Libra Solution


The Libra Solution:
Shedding Excess and Redefining Success at Work and at Home

About the Book
I just can’t do any more” has become the familiar cry of working parents struggling to combine our intense modern-day approach to professional work with our equally intense modern-day approach to parenting. The result is overload and exhaustion. At the same time, employers - fully aware that women comprise over half of the professional workforce - continually struggle to fully engage and retain professional women. The Libra Solution illuminates a different approach to the work and life puzzle . . .
About the Author

Lisa Levey is a nationally recognized expert on  diversity, women’s advancement and work-life integration, working with leading employers to create work cultures that enable individuals and organizations to thrive. . . 

-Link to I Am a Catalyst

Reviewers indicate The Libra Solution provides innovative ideas for:

  • managing overload
  • supporting men (and women)
  • working differently
  • addressing challenges for women professionals
  • providing a new direction for work and family
  • strengthening marriages
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